Arriving in St. Petersburg … lets learn some Russian!

I have been offline for the past month and spent much time with my son Alex, catching up with friends in London and also some hiking in Catalonia around Tom & Marta’s excellent wedding. Sadly, all my camera gear got stolen out of my car in London. So iphone pictures for now.

For the next five weeks St Petersburg shall be my new home. Just moved into my room on Griboyedova canal. Large room in a proper old fashioned house along one of the three canal’s. The host lady Maria seems nice and doesn’t speak much english (helpful for my language efforts). There is also a black cat sharing the appartment. 

The travel to Russia was uncomplicated this time round. Yura picked me up from the airport after a sleepy flight owing to the short night after the killers concert in London hyde park yesterday. We spent a nice afternoon in the center enjoying good food at the ‘clean plates society’ and walked a fair bit catching up on events since we met for NYE. For dinner he invited me over to his place and prepared some tasty steaks.  Great to see Nika & Max again.

Now its time to get some rest and get ready for my first day back at school (and the oral placement test). Lets see how much I can improve my Russian before heading to the village of Issad in late August to commence my farm job. The last time I studied the language is now many years ago though some vocab remains. 

Loving it and really looking forward to some fun time in this great city that holds so many memories for me. A visit to Nika’s dacha and the first home game of Zenit (the local football team) are already scheduled. And soon Alex will arrive for his 3w with the grandparents. 


Harry Potter and the cursed child … worth seeing

Getting hold of tickets for the new Harry Potter play isn’t easy and that’s well documented. My friend and neighbor Gavin, img_0036who is a theatre producer himself, ranks it currently as the hottest plays in town alongside ‘This house’ and ‘Hedda Gabler’. I’d have to add ‘An inspector calls’ to his list having seen it recently and finding me as part of the standing ovation crowd at the end of the show.

Against this backdrop, it was a bit funny to suddenly end up with 6 tickets for part one & two of the production about two weeks ago, as Gavin had sorted a pair for  me while I simultaneusly succeded in the auction for the spring 2018 run.

img_0047 The Palace theatre is one of the largest theatre venues in London and has for many a year hosted ‘les miserables’ –img_0034 my first London musical in summer 2002 where I fell in love with the voice of one of the singers and purchased the CD right after the show (it remains my all time favorite to this day). The installation on stage was extremely powerful and made use of the whole room beyond the stage itself be it dementors flying over your head, new prophecies projected on the ceiling or Lord Voldemort marching off through the stalls. Most powerful were the magic effects around time travel when the whole stage appeared to whobble or morph or so.

The show itself ticked all the boxes be it that it leaned on many old potter tales and kind of remixed them. A new child generation (albus severus potter and scorpius malfoy) as the main actors – now best friends and both sorted into Slytherin house,  with some sup
port from the parent generation harry and draco et al, Voldomort back in action (now even with a daughter) and even Dumbledor adds his wisdom as a painting from time to time. More familiar faces are made possible by the time travelling device that albus and scorpius try to use to prevent the death of cedric digery in the tri wizard tournament. Don’t want to say too much though at this stage. See it for yourself!


Alex enjoyed his time and stayed awake even for the entire evening session. The only time he got really scared was between part one and two … when he stumbled into a dead pigeon. The one time I got scared is when he asked me to visit a seemingly very gay shop soon after the incident above. A bit early I guess ;o)


Kicking about in London

Alex and myself woke up to a chilly yet beautiful Sunday morning. We greeted it with a choco croissant, finished off the homework quickly (never great to come home after a Sunday out to do spelling and math) and had a quick chat with Flora & Georgia – our two airbnb guests from Greece. They are both students and moved in yesterday. I think their plan was the British Museum. Great choice.

Kiddykicks football, for which I signed him up only yesterday, had been cancelled as the ground was frozen. Good call, but a pity as we skipped church to head for regents park. Anyway, Alex did want to try out his new kit (the mouth guard being the unexpected favorite!) and so we headed over to Paddington Rec for a bit of kicking about. Alex, like me in my days, has an interest in goal keeping. Training ensued (and yes, jumping on hard ground hurts … stop whingeing boy!) though at times interrupted by a dog chasing our ball.

Lunchtime we headed over to Covent Garden for my ice climbing session at Vertical Chill (located in the Ellis Brigham store) and for me to try some additional high altitude kit that had arrived Friday (the Scarpa phantom techs – single layered boot for most alpine and Scottish mountaineering). The session went mostly well. Twice I managed the easiest route (right up the middle) and twice the small overhang (towards the left of the well). My instructor gave me a few good tips here too. After that my arms felt already bit tired, but the overhang killed me off (again). Twice I tried, twice I had to give up. No juice left in the arms. Well, next time! Maybe I should start there. Alex entertained himself in the shop meanwhile. Loads of interesting equipment around (… those shiny ice axes ;o)

Time to refuel! We were both starving and headed to Wagamama’s opposite the shop. I always like to come here. Great food, fresh juices and outstanding service. While I enjoyed my usual chilli chicken ramen, Alex went for rice and chicken from the childs menu. The children chopsticks, which can be cleverly combined with ordinary sticks to form the shape of a plane, were fun to play  with yet left a tiny splinter in Alex finger. A flood of tears followed until the staff removed it helped by pineapple as anaesthetics. Alex deserved a present for all his bravery and didn’t take long to dig out a Lego like set at the shop of the transport museum. Time to go home and relax – I could fall asleep on the spot for some reason. Alex wants ice cream. Hurry!



Fresh orange & apple juice was a hit!

Four amazon parcels were waiting at home … including the memory stick for my new gopro camera … I figured it out eventually.